Setting Up Facebook Connect for WordPress

These steps are needed to prepare your wordpress blog for facebook connect integration using the WP-FBConnect Plugin. The plugin is documented here and you can download it here. The implementation is pretty simple, but there are some caveats as follows.

Step 1:

Add the language attributes wp function to your header(s). The plugin will add the following lanuage attribute for you “xmlns:fb=””.

{code type=php}

<html xmlns=”;
<?php language_attributes(); ?>>


Step 2:

Call wp_head in your header(s)

{code type=php}

<?php wp_head(); ?>


Step 3:

Call wp_footer in your footer.php

{code type=php}

<?php wp_footer(); ?>


Step 4:

Call the login function from your comments.php. Use the ‘do_action’ hook so that if you disable the plugin, it is not called.

{code type=php}

<?php do_action(‘fbc_display_login_button’)  ?>


Step 5 (optional):

Call the following code in your comments.php if it doesn’t already exist. It will display the facebook commenter’s profile pic or an empty gravatar/avatar if left by a regular user, ’32’ is the size of the avatar you would like to display.

{code type=php}

<?php echo get_avatar( $comment, 32 ); ?>


Step 6 (optional):

Call this function if you are using WP-Supercache or another caching plugin. You need to make sure that the “YOURAPIKEY_user” cookie isn’t cached. Replace YOURAPIKEY with your unique developer api key.

{code type=php}

function fbc_supercache($cachestr){
if(isset($_COOKIE[“YOURAPIKEY_user”]) )
$cachestr .= $_COOKIE[“YOURAPIKEY_user”];
return $cachestr;
add_cacheaction(‘wp_cache_get_cookies_values’, ‘fbc_supercache’);


Step 7 (optional):

Some versions of wordpress will need a bit of a hack to fbconnect.js. Change the following on line 93.

{code type=javascript}
if (comment_text.trim().length === 0) {


{code type=javascript}
if (comment_text.length === 0) {

Note:I am not the developer of this plugin. Full credit goes to Adam Hupp for creating it.

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