Getting started setting up a lightning node reminds me of how it was setting up a bitcoin wallet/node eleven years ago in 2011.

There is still scant information available in once place to guide you through each step and the entire process is very error prone. Hopefully this changes, but for now i'm posting some links as breadcrumbs that helped me along the way.


Getting Started with Umbrel node
Getting started with Umbrel If you are a new user of Umbrel node, here you have a mini guide and links about how to use this amazing simple software node. It is important that if you start from zero knowledge, to begin with reading about what is Lightning Network and how to use it, basic concepts a…

Setting up a channel

LNBIG - The Network of LND Servers With Greater Liquidity
Instructions to get an incoming channel from LNBIG with Umbrel
LNBIG is a big network of LN nodes with huge channels and liquidity. They offer relatively cheap incoming channel capacity. Appr. $3 for a 2M SAT channel, and $4 for a 16M SAT channel. You have to pay for it on LN. Here are the steps to set it up. It looks long and complicated, but when you actually…

Getting inbound liquidity

Swaps Index • LightningNetwork+
Bitcoin Lightning Network Liquidity Swap Organizer
Getting Inbound Liquidity - PlebNet Wiki

Useful Apps